We are four experienced musicians from diverse backgrounds, but who share a common love of music and a commitment to professionalism and musicianship. We understand both the creative and business sides of entertaining, and are keenly aware of the value of tailoring our performances to venues and audiences.
Above all, we understand the fact that not every patron or guest wants music blaring in their ears; some are at a venue to socialize or network and we adjust our sound so that nobody needs to step outside to carry on a conversation. We also understand the importance of matching music to a venue. Dance music is not particularly suited to fine dining establishments, while mood music is not appropriate for dancing. We have a repertoire that can accommodate both situations. See our typical setlist for examples.
Another advantage that we bring is we can not only play on tiny stages and areas set aside for solo and duo acts, but we are capable of playing below the volume levels of those acts. For example, in constrained performance areas we run all mics and instruments into a single, line-array type PA, and our drummer brings only a snare drum and hi-hat cymbals. That makes us perfect for venues that have strict local ordinances against music performed above a certain level or venues requiring the smallest possible band footprint. We are not talking elevator music either. Our example setlist is indicative of the music that we play.
Finally, we DO NOT use backing tracks. There is nothing like the energy and synergy of a live band that can read and react to an audience.


Our normal rate is $100 per hour. Our first set is always an hour, with subsequent sets spanning forty-five minutes. We are headquartered in West Volusia and Seminole counties, and will charge an additional flat travel fee [to be negotiated] for any performance outside of a fifty mile radius from Lake Mary, FL.

We support the community. When our schedule permits we will work with non-profit venues and organizations, and special benefit events that have budget constraints. If you have questions or are ready to book us, give us a call or drop us an email!

We can accept credit cards on the spot if cash or check payment is not convenient.